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    We’re now able to offer Simultaneous Translation over Zoom / Teams if you would like to continue with your meetings through the medium of Welsh during these unprecedented times. Contact us by e-mailing post@cyfieithucymunedol.org or phoning 01492 642 796 to arrange.

About us

Cyfieithu Cymunedol is a professional Welsh / English translating service gowing from strength to strength. We were established in 2003, and unlike most translation companies, we are a not for profit cooperative and social enterprise. 

Our vision is to work on a grass roots level with businesses, community groups and voluntary organisations making translation services more accessible and affordable. 

There are two main aspects to our work; namely the translation of texts and simultaneous translations. Our aim when translating documents is to create a text that reads like an original rather than a translation. Our aim when simultaneously translating is to enable Welsh speakers and non Welsh speakers to meet and interact with each other in their first language in a warm and non-threatening atmosphere. We also offer various other services to complement these.  

We share an office with Menter Iaith Conwy in Llanrwst, the historical market town in the Conwy Valley which is the gateway to Snowdonia.

The service provided is always to a consistently high standard and it is a continued pleasure to work with your organisation.

- 360 Signs Ltd

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Really helpful & quick response back.

- Frederic Robinsons Brewery

Our staff

Eluned Rhiannon

Eluned completed bouts of work experience with Translation companies during her time in Secondary school and University. She graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2010 before starting her first job as a Trainee Translator with Cyfieithu Cymunedol. She’s now responsible for a variety of tasks on behalf of the company as well as translation work.

She enjoys travelling and watching live music and often combines both by travelling to festivals and gigs all over Wales and England as well as the rest of the world at times! Eluned also enjoys outdoor activities and has recently tried her hand at climbing.  


Dwysan Roberts

Dwysan studied Welsh and French at Aberystwyth University and graduated in 2015 before joining Cyfieithu Cymunedol soon after.

She spent a year abroad in France as part of her course where she worked as an English assistant in two secondary schools. This experience and her interest in different languages encouraged Dwysan towards a career in translating. Her next ambition is to learn Spanish.

Really efficient service – thank you!

- Gwledd Conwy Feast

Why us?

1 – We’re quick

With a team of four and an extensive network of freelancers, we can turn around most projects by your required deadline – sometimes even sooner.

2 – We’re good with words

We’re a team of aspiring wordsmiths and language professionals who aim to create something that speaks to your audience. We don’t just translate words. We translate meanings and nuances working on rhythm and sentence flow to create an effortless translation that hits home with your audience. After all, isn’t that the essence of language – communication?  

3 – We’re professionals

From your first email or phone call to the return of your project we’ll work with you to meet your exact requirements and to ensure you get the best possible service. 

4 – We offer value for money

Our unique business model enables us to provide an affordable translation service to clients in the community and voluntary sector whilst still providing excellent value for money to commercial customers. 

5 – We have a social vision

We weren’t established for the benefits of shareholders or directors. We were established to achieve a social vision; 

  • To provide an affordable, quality translation service for charitable and community groups.  
  • To lobby for a clearer, simpler, more natural Welsh in the translation industry, akin to the ‘Plain English’ campaign in English. This, in our view, is a return to the natural, down to earth nature of the Welsh language. 
  • To take on young people and train them in various aspects of translation, administration, customer care and business management.
  • To provide language training to Welsh speakers, enabling them to offer a basic translation service to their organizations and communities thus becoming “community translators” in the true sense of the word. 

We use Cyfieithu Cymunedol for all of our translations and cannot fault the service. Eluned has always been quick to respond and provide a quote and an estimated date of completion. Translations are always on time, if not early, and we think the service is great value for money. Thank you Cyfieithu Cymunedol for all of your hard work – we would definitely recommend you!

- FareShare Cymru

Contact us

To receive more information regarding the translating service or company contact:

Phone: 01492 642 796

Email: post@cyfieithucymunedol.org

Address: Cyfieithu Cymunedol Conwy 

Y Sgwâr



LL26 0LG

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